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Our Vision

this month at Furrough Cross?

Here at Furrough Cross we hosts a variety of regular and one-off events, including prayer events, seasonal fayres, game evenings and much more. Check out our latest dates and upcoming events in this month's Church Diary.

We have a dream of a Church where...

• We are connected by the Spirit
• We come together to worship and learn
• We are faith in action
• We draw mutual strength and support from meeting together and praying together
• You get a sense of excitement when you walk through the door
• All people are allowed to reach their full potential in Christ
• There is a huge, mixed choir
• There are young families
• God has a chance to speak
• spiritual activities are more supported and encouraged
• All services and meetings are well attended by all ages
• The word of God is a priority
• All are welcome and we feel that we belong
• There is a sense of community
• People can talk to each other
• We share more worship with other local churches e.g. on the beach
• We are more accepting of each other’s personalities, opinions and failings
• The music is diverse
• We feel happy and know that God is with us
• There is joy and happiness
• There is more fun
• There is more exercise
• There is a Youth Minister
• There is more practical Christianity (following on from the visit to the residential home last week)
• There are signs around the area inviting people to Church
• We do fund raising for other people (esp the Torbay Holiday Helpers Network)

Junior Church would like to visit other Churches to see what their young people do on a Sunday.

And have a coffee/juice/milkshake/hot chocolate bar - starting small and rolling out when demand increases!